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onto my third battery

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Yep. Battery number 3. The last battery lasted less than a month.

Both previous batteries came up with a message saying "

"the temperature is higher than the operating temperature of the phone"

This happens at the home screen after a few second after botting.

I have tried different roms. No overclocking. but still the same problem.

Batteries were fully charged.

The phone is not overheating because this can happen when the phone has been off for 24 hours.

It doesnt happen if the firefox os is running or when in cwm mode

Is it a bad rom or app that that has caused these batteries to fail?

I have a sneaking suspicion that this started after flashing the samsung 3 by bruno rom, but can't be sure.

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One possible suspect would be the phone's charging circuit. Might be overcharging batteries and killing them. You could try installing a battery monitor app and see what peak voltage you hit. You can also monitor the battery's internal temperature sensor with these apps. Of course if the sensors are faulty then they may see nothing wrong themselves until failure but worth a try I'd say.

The G300 battery can run quite hot in normal operations and some battery monitor apps give overtemp warnings prematurely but that's not your problem obviously.

It is always possible, of course, that with random chance you are just the unlucky individual that's got three bad batteries in a row.

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As an update. I put one of my failed batteries in and tried to do a forced install of b952 using the power/both volume buttons.

It go stuck about 20% in. So fearing a bricked phone I pulled the battery.

I dont know why but I plugged in the charger with the battery out. Reliefe as it booted back into cm10.

Unplugged the charger and put the dodgy battery back in again.

Its working. No more error messages and power downs.

Its been up for 2 hours

Go figure

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