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hippy dave

please help! - my imei backup doesn't work

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so i had to zero my imei to flash the official 926 update.app, and i'm having trouble getting it back. 5irom tells me "backup file does not exist, cannot restore imei". it (obviously) recognises the version that gives the 0 imei, but doesn't recognise my own backed up version (named correctly and in the correct place).

the backup was originally from gingerbread, so when restoring it didn't work in ics, i zeroed again, rolled back to gingerbread, and tried again, but still get the error message as above.

any ideas why it's not recognising it? anything else to try before i try the qpst method (which doesn't seem to want to work smoothly for me either as the windows laptop isn't coming up with the right port)?

thanks a lot, bonus points for a quick reply :)

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i noticed my backup only has two files, 10.img and 11.img, while the zeroed one has those plus a 5.img - is this why mine doesn't work? if so, i don't know why it's missing one, as when i made the backup it did say it completed successfully.

argh someone help please, my imei is still 0 so i don't know what i can do with my phone, whether something bad will happen if i continue to use it normally. also qpst won't install properly on the windows laptop and windows can't find some driver for the new com port. doom and gloom, just need this fixed so i can get on with my day...

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