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Best Android Devices under £250?

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I'm currently trying to find a new device under £250 which is available either unlocked or on the Three network here in the United Kingdom. I don't mind ordering online as long as it's from a website which I feel safe buying from (Mainly big sites like Amazon etc) but I'd prefer to buy instore if possible.

I own a ZTE Crescent (OSF2) and it's a nifty device but I fancy a upgrade. I was looking at the Nexus 4 from Google which is £280 (16gb) but it sells out too fast and my local Carphone Warehouse want £380 for it (Over £100 over the actual price which I find disgusting).

I want a device which has root access and has good specifications. I'd like around 4" screen, 5mp+ camera with flash and auto focus, anything else I don't mind, as long as it runs smoothly, I'd also like it to be up-gradable to an official ICS build although official JB would be perfect. I'll be flashing custom ROMs after a few weeks but it'd just be nice to have an official build.

I've been looking at a few devices so which would you recommend?

Huewai Ascend G300

Huewai Ascend G330 (When it's released in the UK)

Sony Xperia U

Sony Xperia J

Or any other devices which may be promising to me?



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Just bought a Sony Xpeia P and its awesome!

Previously had a G330 which was also great an a G300 which also could not be faulted.

I rooted all three and ran custome roms on the Huaweis.

The Sony software is great though and I have no need to run any custom rom!

Go to the main page on here and purchase from Chitter Chatter, brand new, unlocked, next day delivery

for only £149.99

Best bargain ive hadsince the G330 and G300. I really dont understand the fuss over iphones

and samsungs when you can purchase phones like this at such amazing prices!

Great time to be a phone buyer!

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Thanks for the reply. I don't get paid until the 11th but if the Sony Xperia P is still available for that price I'll definitely pick it up.

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i would have a look at the galaxy S2 (so long as your OK with second hand) as you can get one for around that (it's what i did also mine is running CM9.1 with a OC on it to 1.5GHz and is stable as a rock) you can pick one up for around £250 (give or take £10) and dependent on where you go you get a discount for paying in cash (i got mine in CEX in Bradford)

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