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[Recovery] ClockworkMod 4-6 Theard by_Cybercom684

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Hey guys

Here is the Lastest CM7 CWM Recovery

Hi all, here's a custom ClockworkMod recovery I've built, and are using personally. It has advanced backup and a wipe all function, which is useful for completely wiping the phone before flashing a new rom.

It also has support for offmode charging, so you can charge your phone while it's turned off. In addition to this, it fixes the old bug that you couldn't turn on the phone if it was turned off while it was charging.


Here is the Lastest CM7 CWM Recovery



S-ON / fake-flash


Haven't tested it, try it at your own risk but should be safe smile.gif

S-OFF: flash with fastboot with


fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

S-ON: simply rename to update.zip and put it on your SD card

Here is the Lastest CM7 CWM (Mod) Recovery



Here is the Lastest CM7 CWM

No change log just got this build from building CM7 Sources for the Buzz so thought i pass it on like!

I have noticed though if you press the home and menu button the Selection bar goes up and down and search button now enters.

Feel free to mirror.


Place on the root of your SDCard boot in to Hboot mode and it will want to flash say yes and reboot.

If your like me and are fastboot fans you can type.

fastboot devices

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot reboot-bootloader


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