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Black screen after water damage, heavy rain.

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Today my (Medion) ZTE Skate died on me, at least i thought so. I used it in heavy rain. First there were some fancy rainbow colors for a few seconds, but some minutes later, the screen suddenly blacked out. Later I saw that lots of water had leaked into the screen.

I thought it was broken, but when i got home i did some heavy adb, DDMS testing, everything seemed to work perfectly except for the screen. I dried it using heating. I disassembled the device and all the water seems to be gone.

I saw some replacement screens, i saw some tricks (with rice or even disassembling the screen and clean everything).

Now the questions... :)

Does anybody have experience with a similar scenario and able to solve the problem? (By replacing the screen or not)

Does anybody have positive experiences with replacement screens? Where did you buy it and did you reassemble it yourself?

If anybody could help me I would be very happy.


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It sounds like the screen already shorted out. Rice won't really help much there.

Assuming it's just the screen that broke, you could probably fix it just by replacing that.

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Did you use any protective cases or screen protectors? Where exactly did you see water leaking in from?

So far I've been using a 3USD silicone case and a DIY full-face protection film (so that the whole front side would be covered, except for a few square millimeter area at the speaker). So far it's been hit with snowballs, been to sauna, been used in light to medium rain and had a great deal of sweat surrounding it when working out and it's fine (and has no dust under the digitizer unlike some of my friends do). Not to mention my DIY extended battery which lasts for 6+ hours with screen and Wi-Fi/2G on, so I'd call it an ultimate monster phone.

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