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[MIUI 4] MIUI OS 4.0 for Liquid (4PDA)

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Double topic:


Latest release from 08/11/2012

Word from me:

I had nothing to do with the creation of this, neither am I a programmer.

I just put it here so anybody knows they exist.

Master_T (Honor [ENG] Repack)

  • You need to manually change the language to English after installation.
  • ClockWorkMod required!!!

    Key updates:

    • Added ability to export contacts to SIM-card
    • 12-hour time format "AM / PM" expanded to "morning, noon, afternoon, evening and midnight"
    • Updated interface for finding those online
    • You must set message application with white color. Click + in led notifications menu and select Messaging.
    • A complete list is expected later.

    Well, as usual clean of trash =)

    Format SD Card


    Original Source:




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