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Problem with phone calls

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Hello to everyone. I come from Greece, i cant speak English very well, so sorry for any mistakes. I have the ZTE Skate and it is running Android Gingerbread. It's a review sample for a greek website so I don't know if it has any warranty left. The problem i have is with phone calls.

Everytime i go to make a phone call when i press the touchscreen to create the phone call number and i press the call button in the screen, it starts calling but the screen turns off, immediately, so it doesn;t let me to terminate the call. Some days before everything worked perfect and the screen turned on everytime I take it from my ear so i could stop the call, now this doesn't happen.

Whats wrong? I did a reset but didn't worked. I am thinking of a format but i am totally beginner with mobile OS, especially Android. Any idea/help. Much appreciated. :)

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