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Dialer not working correctly since installing Fish and Chips

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San Francisco 2 unlocked and with Fish_and_Chips_SF2_RLS3 installed today using the brilliant web page instructions. Everything is working perfectly except for the dialer.

1. If I type in a number to dial and touch 'call' it wipes the input number and does nothing.

2. If I select a contact from 'Contacts' it sometimes will dial that contact, sometimes do nothing and the screen goes blank.

3. If I touch a contact in the contact list above the dialer it will do nothing.

4. If I do manage to dial my landline for instance, after ending the call before it completes, the phone redials the number again.

The phone receives calls ok.

I am wondering if there are any other dialers I could try.

I have Titanium Backup Pro, Super User Elite, Terminal Emulator, Maps, Google Play Store and Google Play Services installed from downloads. These are the only changes made since unlocking.

I do notice that the time is 1 hour ahead of UK time, as it was when I was in France before using this SIM card in the UK.

As a newbie to Fish and Chips I have yet to find out what the sim card icon and the phone icone mean against each contact. I presume there will be a manual somewhere :)

EDIT: I have also found that the wifi does not work. When I try to start it is get 'error'.

Maybe I should have used a later release. :(

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