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SD Card and Rebooting Issues

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Hello all,

I've been a running a Gallant Duo with a stock rom for the last few months and it's great. However I do have a couple of issues;

1) SD Card. Seems to give an error and then "prepares" the SD card quite frequently (a few times a day) but never have any issues with music of video playback. It's a 32GB card that I had running previously in my old Liquid Metal.

2) Rebooting. It seems to randomly reboot on it's own. This is getting worse as in the last 4 hours, it's rebooted itself 3 times. This is getting to be a problem as I've got my personal and work sims in it and it's rebooted whilst I've been on a call a few times.

Does this happen with anyone else or do I have duff unit?


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Try it without the SD-card, or with another SD-card. I don't have the problems you describe, and you may have a unit going down.

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