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Hello everybody,

I've had my Crescent for just over a year now and I'm upgrading to a HTC One V in a few weeks time when I get paid so this is just a little thread to say thank you to everybody who I've had the pleasure to talk to on here! I've never used Modaco previously to getting my Crescent as I've just used XDA in the past but I'm glad I got into this community as the majority of you guys are helpful and just genuinely nice people.

I've learnt a lot about Android thanks to this device and I'd like to thank the likes of Dazzazo, Raverrr and everybody else who has created ROMs for this device and kept it alive even when things looked completely dead.

Basically, it's been a pleasurable and enjoyable stay here and chances are I'll be back to mess around with ROMs every now and again. I appreciate all the help I've received here. My phone is currently running CM10 and it's great to see such a low budget phone running Jelly Bean, even if it has a few minor issues.

Thanks again and goodbye, for now!

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