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Headset volume

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Hi all

Recently purchased a Nexus 4 and quickly realised there were problems with the battery. I installed the Matr1x kernel and that sorted the battery to a usable fashion.

Now I'm looking to increase the volume of the headset. I was in the car today and took a call and the in ear voice through my headphones was pitiful.

I've been through some of the free volume boosters but I'm having problems finding one comparable with my Nexus 4.

Any pointers?

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google have broken all the old style volume mods with 4.2

i used to swear by Volume+, (http://androidaudiohacks.com/). Although the developer cant fix that for JB ATM, i'm hedging my bets with him for the future.

some people have had good results with the Noozxiode mod from play store (https://play.google....rewirepro&hl=en), but not for me with my current install of MCR Jr5 and Franco Kernel (excellent battery life), tho admittedly i havent had much time to play with the extensive settings

it's been logged as a feature request for future MCR's along with removal of the nag box when headphones are used at high volume

maybe some of the kernels out there will do volume boost?

another option is to use something like "MediaMonkey" to raise volume levels when converting files for transfer to the phone...

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We're running the same setup now. Installed Franco kernel earlier coz I was looking at the thread on xda and there was a kernel mod to boost the volume. But having installed it, it looks like this feature has been pulled.

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volume boost was a feature in the later kernel builds for Gnex, tho i never had to use it because Volume+ was working so well for me....

Franco's Nexus 4 kernel is in the very early stages so the feature may be still in development, and the gains in battery life are already good even with the limited kernel adjustment options available ATM..

As i said, it looks like something has changed drastically in the volume firmware on 4.2

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