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How to change file format of recorded videos?

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I have a HUAWEI g300, and while the quality of still images taken with the camera are great, video quality is awful. Or, to be more specific, the audio that goes with the video is very poor.

I believe that this may be due to the file format of the video.

For this reason, I would be interested to know whether there are any ways to change the file format which videos are recorded in. Are there any alternative camera apps that are any good, which ideally allow the user to select their own file format? My device is rooted btw.

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Try lg camera https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rubberbigpepper.lgCamera&hl=en

It lets you record video in mp4 or 3gp format.

Im not familiar with the Huawei g300, so i dont know for sure that it will work on your phone, but there are quite a few camera apps on the play store that let you change recording format so im sure youl find one if lg camera wont work.

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