Clockworkmod and clockworkmod recovery?

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I'd like to be able to do image back ups from the clockwork mod app on my phone without having to reboot. I have "CWM base recover (or something)" installed and until now I've been rebooting and doing it through the CWM menu.

Now I've installed the CWM app. But when I try to do a back up my rom using the installed CWM app it says I must have CWM recovery installed. I try to install it and it says my phone is not supported, but it then asks me if I have manually installed it. (I think the answer is yes)

And then it asks me which version 3.x or 2.x.

But I have 6.x?

Any suggestions on where I'm going wrong? and where I go next?

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Oh, wait it says 3.x+.

I hit that and it seems to be working. Anyway of setting up a scheduled back up every midnight?

What happens to previous backups? Does it delete them automatically? Is that what "freeing up space means"?

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Weirdly the app has no trace of the back ups - No backups found.

Same when I try and run the backup download server. I guess the app is looking in the wrong place?

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