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Getting started with getting 4.0 onto a San Fran

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I apologise in advance for the extreme newbie nature of this post.

I was recently given an UK Orange San Francisco (the OLED model), currently running a Modaco 2.1 ROM. I really want to get it running some form of Android 4 (whether that's ICS or JB doesn't bother me).

I understand there are issues with internal storage on this model that might prevent me from doing this. I guess I need to use TPT, but I'm yet to find anything that explains that process (the link in the 4.1.2 thread is dead). So if anyone could give me some guidance on how I can get Android 4.x onto this San Fran I would be very grateful. Which version would be the best to use, and what would it involve?

I have experience of flashing Android ROMs using various methods (I've flashed 4 or 5 tablets in the past couple of months) but obviously every system is slightly different.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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