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Weird screen problem

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Hi, im trying to install a custom rom on my ZTE Skate thats the story

First to install CWM recovery i used the TPT Helper method following a tutorial but it just brick my phone, TPT Helper dont install CWM to my phone and let it without nothing

Then i downloaded a stock rom tpt and flashed it, it works well but the screen looks like it doesnt have blue color, everything looks like green or gray and when i let the phone on for a while i start to see strange glitches and white stripes

Im trying to restore the original recovery but i cant!!, it flash recovery ok but i only get a black screen while trying to access FTM screen.

I installed CWM from adb using

flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

and it works, i can install custom roms but still having the same screen problem,

I'm desperate, i posted on spanish htcmania but it seems no one know whats wrong.

I hope some help and sorry for my bad english.

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Strange. So it also happens on a stock ROM from ZTE?

That's what I was going to suggest, but if that doesn't work then I have absolutely no idea.

You could try and get it repaired under warranty, just flash the stock TPT again and install some apps so it doesn't look suspicious.

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The phone is new it only have 2 days do u think i can say it come broken and they will send me a new one? it dont have boot splash screen and original recovery.... i dont think it doesn't look suspicious

can u post me a link to a stock generic tpt? the tpt that i flashed was a orange stock rom but my operator is not orange

I downloaded a stock rom from here:

but it isnt a tpt its a zip and contains recovery system and splash img´s i tryed to flash that recovery but it does the same as the others... just black screen

Do u know how can i convert it to a image.bin tpt?

I can´t understand why i can´t restore the original FTM recovery...

Sorry for english mistakes and thanks for help

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Some more data:

The screen colors are wrong always but the glitches only appear after a few minutes with the phone turned on, the more time i stay with the screen on it becomes worst

The ClockWorkMod recovery dont seem to have any screen problems and it works well only the buttons known issue

Im spanish and the phone is from yoigo, i think it came with a 2.3.6 or 2.3.5 rom but im not sure

Even with a CM7 nightly (1-1-13) installed it don´t show any boot splash screen i dont know why...

I really dont understand why TPT Helper dont work with my Skate... its not supposed to work properly on a ZTE Skate?


OMG i installed this rom http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=482882 and the screen works well!!!!!!

i really dont understand why the others 3 different roms have the same issue but i dont care it works!!!!

i dont want to know nothing more of this phone (is not mine so imagine the problem if i dont make it work)

Really thanks for reading me and i hope this post will be usefull for someone with that problem on future

Sorry for english mistakes again we have a really poor english level at school (Im spanish XD)

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I'm on my phone, but I think ZTE may have a generic one on their website. Not sure.

Also check the stock ROM thread, it should be around here somewhere.

Edit: ah, problem solved then I suppose. Glad it worked.

Edited by omegavesko

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try to make a few screenshots, and check them on the computer and you'll see whether it comes rom or phone :)

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