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I have a big problem, please help!

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Hi! First of all I want to present my self, my name is Sebastian!. Sorry for my english, it is really bad.

I bought my acer a week ago, and this is my litle story:

The first day, I read the tutorial about how to root this device, and I followed it and finally I rooted the acer e350.

My problem began when I tried to install the recovery, I really couldn't so I didn't do it. But today I installed an app from Play Store (this app needed root) so installed it, I used it, I rebooted the device but It didn't wake up.

Then, I pulled out the battery, I pressed the High Volume + Power together, I entered in the Recovery Utility (no CWM, the default one), and I did the wipes, YES SILLY ME.

So now, I can't install anything, because it said 'signature verification failed', and nothing more.

Please help me!

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