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App Drawer confusion - alphabetical or iOS-style?

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Just 'upgraded' my G300 from Vodafone B952 to the Huawei B952 ROM and noticed the app drawer doesn't keep the apps in alphabetical order, unlike my other ICS phone.

Instead it behaves like iOS - each new app is added at the end of the list and if you want to remove or re-order them, you click on the pencil icon at the top of the screen to get a grid view and then click the close button on an icon or drag it from screen to screen.

I'm not sure I like this enhancement :-)

Does anyone know whether this iOS-style app drawer was in the original Vodafone ICS ROMs (it's a long way back for me to check now).

And does anyone know whether a launcher such as Nova will give me back the automatically alphabetical drawer?

Thanks for indulging me :-)

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