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Kazekage Gaara

Need help with updating :)

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Hey guys,

I recently bought a barely used ZTE Blade (Dell XCD35) with 512 mb ram and it came with ColdFusionX. Now, am interested in updating to Konstat's CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.1). Am pretty new to Android and I have read a lot and researched a lot too and I have a few questions.

When I was browing SD Maid, it showed my partitions,

/data - 138MB/162MB

/cache - 1.14MB/37.50

/mnt/sdcard - 4.48GB/7.39GB.

Now, it's pretty obvious the 40MB of cache is useless and I can really use that space. I asked it's previous owner whether it was GEN1 or GEN2 when he bought it, and he replied this...

"i didnt convert it .. it had 512mb ram from starting .. it was gen 2 only ..."

So I am assumming my phone is GEN2.

Now, I have clockworkmod recovery installed and I can boot into it without any problems. Now I know the basic steps of installing a rom....

Download ROM, GAPPS on your SDCARD

Boot into Recovery, Clockwork.


Wipe Data/Factory Reset (Mandatory if you're coming from any other ROM!)

Wipe Cache

Mounts/Storage > Format System (Mandatory if you're coming from any other ROM!)

Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache

Install from zip > Select downloaded ROM

Install from zip > Select download GAPPS

Reboot (might take a while,pls be patient!)

Now, I would love to repartition my phone and get that 40 mb out of cache. Can you guys help me with this ? How should I do this ? Is there a guide on how to do this ?

Also, since my phone keeps telling me am "low on space" I have been reading a lot about creating an external partition on my SDcard, which will be treated as "internal memory" by my phone, but would love to know what's the best to use. There were various programs, AP2SD, S2E, etc., etc., and am very VERY confused with this regards. Can you guys tell me which is the best one ? and how to properly install and use this ?

I have taken backup of all the important stuff on my phone, like contacts, messages, etc., and don't really care much about the installed games and apps, so I can re-install after wiping it clean, but would love do the external partition thing, and I guess it should be done BEFORE installing a new ROM ?

I would really appreciate if someone can tell me the proper steps to take in getting it perfect.

Thanx a lot in advance for all the help guys. Really appreciate it :)

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Alright, I was searching on XDA and came across this...

Noob-Proof guide for TPT/CFX/MIUI/KonstaKANG

Should I follow this guide to the T ? Would you like to change something in the above guide ? Are there any upgraded or better apps than mentioned in the above guide ?

Would really appreciate the help guys.

Thanx a lot :)

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A very good friend helped me out on XDA and now am at the latest KonstaT's ROM (4.2.1) and have 1 GB of internal storage.

Thanx for the help guys :) Modaco ROCKS!!! :D

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