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Going from Baseband 2030 to 109808?

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I am having issues returning my phone to stock firmware. The problem is after flashing to ICS from GB I no longer have Network connection. From what I have read up this is due to the Baseband v ersions. I have attempted to flash GB roms but always get error at step 2.

I have tried the middle patch and zeroing the Imei. I cannot zero the Imei for some reason it always remains the same.

Can someone please help me it would be much appreciated.



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Where are you located? Australians got loads of problems with Huawei stock ICS rom due to the baseband change. They should quickly put out a version with baseband 109080 as it's the most compatible with the Oz carriers. Try to force 2G, that's the only way to make it work (at least that is what i am doing now) . Looks like only Huawei can change the baseband so if it's really an issue for you, try reverting back to GB by following the guide here:

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