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Acer Ferrari Liquid E - Restart Problems

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I hold an Acer Ferrari Liquid E Phone.

Device Information

  • Acer APN Version 1.123-1
  • Product SKU EMEA_C4F
  • Device info Version 2.1
  • Manufacturer Acer
  • Model ID LiquidE
  • CPU Vendor Qualcomm
  • CPU Speed 768
  • CPU Version 8250
  • ROM Size 512
  • RAM Size 512
  • Horizontal Pixels 480
  • Vertical Pixels 800

Problem : My phone works like a charm when the data network is not enabled. When the data network is enabled my phone restarts when a call comes in and even the number of the caller is not stored in Call information.

As a remedy I tried to search for the 4.007.08.EMEA.C4F and then updated my phone using Acer download tool.

The update completed sucessfully but still I am facing the restart issues.

Please help me fix this issue as I am breaking this for the past few months



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