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Full Brick (probably hardware failure)

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Ok, so here's the deal

I have a 2 months old G300 which is dead. I got it from a friend that doesnt want to deal with it anymore. It was purchased via plan, and I live in a country where warranty is worth nothing, being that every device failure is labeled "physical failure, you did it, not our fault".

The phone just stopped working. with no physical damage or moisture (battery moisture indicator is still pure white)

I am crafty, in terms of cellphone repair and I tried to analyze the problem:

wont turn on,

wont boot into bootloader or recovery

wont turn on LED when charging

wont connect to ADB even when drivers are installed (but I believe it is not enabled in development being that my friend doesnt know what email is)

when connected to PC, it says - unknown USB device, not an "android device"

battery has power, I checked it with multimeter.

Im thinking by experience - bad factory BGA Matrix on CPU, because if it was eMMC, it would at least boot into bootloader. but still, before trying to repair BGA, would like to ask:

1. Is there a complete flash utility like the RUU for HTC, or GUI software for Sony .. ? something that would flash radio+bootloader+recovery+OS

2. are device drivers from HISUITE sufficient .. ?

3. If anyone has even the slightest experience with complete disassemble and repair - is the CPU soldered via BGA, or some other solution is in place ? I teared it apart but I see aluminum cover plates (Nice feat from Huawei btw) and cant figure out at this moment weather CPU is soldered via Ball Grid Array Matrix.

4. Anyone else with the full brick experience .. ? :)

Thank you all in advance Good Modaco people! :D

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You say that it does connect via USB - I would try to read the USB ID, that should contain a clue about the state the device is in.

As for the CPU, I think it is a MSM 7227a, and there should be a datasheet for it. I doubt that it comes in more than one packaging format, and I would expect it to be BGA, but there seems to be very little information available about the details.

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Ok Mr Puddington, what do you mean by USB ID ? :) device manager > usb device > properties > details .. ?

Im going to try and send it to a repair shop for full analyze, but I would rather want to try to reapir it myself first. So if anyone else has any clue, please share! :)

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