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Migrating to a new play account

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When I got my first Android phone I naturally set up a play account using my primary Gmail address. Since then, I've purchased a fair few apps, some cheap, some expensive. I've also acquired more android devices, included a tablet for my other half.

I want to use my purchased apps on all these devices, and more in the future. I'd like to get a Google tv, or a mini pc stick for the TV. However, I don't want all these devices to have ready access to my email, etc on my primary Gmail account, and there's no easy way (I can see) to prevent that once an account t is set up.

Ideally I'd set up a new Gmail account specifically for apps and Google would allow me to transfer my purchases to this account, but as far as I can tell that's not possible. Instead my only option is to set up a new account and buy all my apps again. I want to spend as little as possible re buying my apps as I've already paid once, so ideally I'd do it over time when they go on sale, and only buy new apps on the new account.

What happens if I try to run two accounts in play store? Do I have to keep switching between them to get updates? Will my device let me do this? Is there a better way?!

Thanks for reading.

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