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ICS official upgrade bluetooth pairing issue

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Hi, I recently upgraded my G300 from the Huawei gingerbread 2.3 to the following HUAWEI Ascend G300 firmware(U8815-1,Android 4.0,V100R001C00B952CUSTC249D001,Serbia Telekom) via the Huawei site. All was well apart from when i tried to reconnect and pair the phone to my 2010 Ford KA Bluetooth system. The problem is it pairs and shares the phone book but then when I then return to the car the next day, the car can no longer pair with my phone. I have checked with my local Ford dealer and they have said they have no software updates for the car. I am wondering as other phones still work on the car whether it is the ICS upgrade. i have looked at downgrading back to GB but as I am on official 952 their doesnt appear to be a solution even the IMei wiping method wont work. I must also add that I have checked the Bluetooth settings on the phone and they appear fine. Would it be possible to change the Bluetooth settings in the engineering part of the phone, or to change to a hacked operating system that would work? Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance Dave.


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Are you on the latest version of the firmware (Here is mine:



EDIT: Mine is the Stock Firmware, so it might not apply to you...

Please can you post a screenshot from about phone?

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