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Help! Touch Buttons (Solved) and CWM Backups Fail

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Hello all,

I am currently running Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2.1 from CM10 and CM10.1) and was wondering is there a way to enable the virtual on screen buttons that you see on the bottom sometimes ??

EDIT: Does anyoen know why the follwoing happens and how it can be fixed. when making a backup to external SD in CWM it gets to the generating MD5 and then reboots, you try to restore and it says MD5 sum does not match (as it did not finish the backup) do you know how to make it stop rebooting, I am running CWM touch 6.X something ?? - Sorted upgraded from R2 to R4 (did not know there was even an update)

Thanks in advance.

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Open build.prop and add this: qemu.hw.mainkeys=0

reboot and you should see the buttons (but they use a bit of the screen)

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