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Skate - GPS Performance

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Over several ROMS I have noticed poor GPS performance on my Orange Monte Carlo, I also have an Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) and side by side regardless of ROM the Skate is much worse and at times unuseable whilst the Blade continues to work faultlessly.

Attached is an image showing the difference in a side by side test, various ROM's make little difference, settings are identical on each phone, has anyone else noticed this poor performance and is there anything which can be done to improve it.

ZTE Skate Rom = ParanoidJelly - ParanoidAndroid 2.63/CM10 - Android 4.1.2 (25/01/2013)

ZTE Blade Rom = cm-10-20130129-EXPERIMENTAL-blade-DAEMOND.zip (Android 4.1.2 - Kernel

Given the two ROM's are virtually the same it is hard to believe it is a software issue, looks more likely a hardware issue ?

Any ideas ?


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