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"factory reset" to CM-10.1?

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I've just got myself a new android phone, and will be passing my Blade to another member of the family. I'm using Kosta's CM10.1 rom, and would like to give them a clean phone with this OS. A sort of factory reset, but to this OS - especially removing all my settings and apps.

What's the best way of doing this on a Blade?

Thanks for any suggestions

ps If it were my laptop, I'd reinstall the OS on a reformatted drive.

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OK - figured it out myself! In case anyone is interested, here's what I did.

Boot into Clockwork Mod

- wipe data/factory set

- wipe cache

- advanced -> wipe Dalvik cache

Reboot and connect to computer via USB

- delete unwanted (mostly empty) folders - those that are created by apps that are now uninstalled

- remove photos and music (if wanted)

Reboot to CWM

- reinstall Konsta's latest rom and gapps

Reboot - and we're done.

Hope that's helpful to someone!

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