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Very Poor Wifi Reception

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I've been wondering about this for a while. When in the same position as my laptop my laptop gets full wifi reception - my phone gets mostly just the bottom tip of reception on the wifi meter. I figured it was just because phones had a smaller receiver or something for wifi as it is my first wifi phone. Of course wifi signal is great when in the same room as my router but that's not the point.

My phone is over a year old now as I just accepted it was just the nature of wifi on phones but it bugs me a lot especially given 3g is really poor in my area. Could I get a swap at the orange store perhaps? It's rooted and unlocked though but I guess that can be reversed can't it? Using stock orange ROM.

Does my phone have a hardware fault?

Could this be the same issue users of the blade have been complaining about noted here:


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I think this is mostly normal. My phone barely has one bar in my room, but my Wii on the other side of the room can connect perfectly all the time.

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