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Flashlight on ZTE Acqua

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Did anyone find a way to make a flashlight app work with ZTE Acqua ?

I think I've tried all apps of this kind available for android and none work.

Says the same thing in all apps: "There is NO flashlight on this device".

I'm using the latest CM10 rom of KonstaT.

(Did the same when I was on stock rom and still don't work)

Thanks in advance and sorry my english.

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Most 'flashlight' apps use/require a camera flash LED (which it turns on continuously which is bad for the LED). If your particular device does not have a camera flash, no 'flashlight' for you. Some other apps just blank/white-out the standard screen and turn the brightness to maximum. These may work with all devices...your screen is the 'flashlight'. Again, bad for your screen for prolonged use.

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@DarkMega Worry no more. I had trouble trying to figure out this phone's flashlight too. Yes, you were right to look around for the right app - you just didn't find it yet. It's called 'LINE camera' and available on Google Play. The flash is able to be turned on or off, and isn't in a state of 'on' all the time as the previous warnings have been given to you. It also has a countdown timer (up to 30 seconds). Enjoy! MJ :ph34r:

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