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Hello there, would like to ask owners of this phone to share their experiences with this phone. I just bought it and so far impressed. Had before S3 and Note 2 (still have the Note 2) but needed something more `` compact``.

For now I have only few things to share :

1) phone came with 4.1.2 out from the box.

2) the model number is 8190N,which means it has NFC. So far there is two more models, the 8190 and 8190L. Don't know what is L stands for, probably LTE,but not sure.

3) phone has two variants : 8GB and 16GB.

4) colours for now are marble white and peeble blue.

5) some devices doesn't have recovery (if the volume down +home+power buttons does nothing) you can use ADB comands.

6) Odin works ok, but take care which ROM you going to flash (if you have 8190N,flash ROM with N as you may lose nfc).

7) despite lower specifications phone works flawlesly. haven't experience any lag or fc so far (touchwood).

8) battery life is ok as well, (right now on 15% since morning). Was playing with it all day.

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@ Rexton I've had this phone for over 3 months now & I've been impressed so far. The screen size is ideal for me & it has no problems running the latest apps. The only down side is the phone I would liked a better camera!

@ raizor6th I believe there is a few devs developing for this phone, take a look in the s3 mini section on xda!

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