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[Q]Graphic Drivers

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Hi, guys,

i have one LG E400 with V10P firmware, but i try make root with sucess and install one CM9 Rom, but i have a bad graphics like 16bit. So i tried revert to a original rom, and the graphics are good. hummm interesting.... so i do a downgrade to V10D stock rom, and i have the same problem with graphics with 16bit and dificult to see thinks in display...

my question is:

-> the CM9 is based in V10D original ROM and i have problems because i come to V10P stock rom?

-> how i can see and compare the graphic drivers included in my original V10P rom?

please i want help and help other people with same problem.

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CM9 kernel is based on sources from v10c, but recently LG has released v10q sources which should fix this issue (that's only on newer phones like yours) once somebody will merge them with CM9.

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