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Could this run wine on chrooted linux?

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I was thinking of buying the xolo x900, and wanted to know if its possible to run wine on a chrooted linux distro on it.

I am using a debian chroot image with vnc on my existing phone. Obviously it can't run wine because it's ARM. Since the xolo is x86 and people have got chroot working, I was wondering if it could run wine (I don't see any reason for it to not). Has anyone tried it ?

Seriously, if this phone can run desktop windows stuff using wine, I wouldn't think twice before buying it.Even ancient widows productivity apps (office 2000) are better than the android ones.

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that's an interesting idea. I think if you had a big fast memory card to store the windows files, then there's a good chance you could fire up Wine apps inside a VNC session - android doesn't use X so you'd need the indirect frame buffer for wine.

chances are graphical performance would be pretty dire!

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