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Ok, SIII, I give in. You're just too big for me. Replacement advice please?

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Hi all,

So i've had an SIII for six months or so now. I've never been super comfortable with it. I've come to the conclusion it's too big for me.

So i'm looking for suggestions for the following:-

- 4" screen

- MHL/HDMI output (need this for Pioneer AppRadio2 in the car)

- Preferably Android 4.2 support (or imminent)

- Preferably with a bottom-mount usb port

I would consider an SIII Mini, but i've read conflicting reports about the MHL interface. Some say it has it, some say it doesn't, and I need it 100%.

Your suggestions welcome folks.. :)


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Any other requirements?

Well wifi, gps, but I think everything comes with those which is why I left them off. Would like something with a CPU from the last 12-18 months so it's not a dog in use.

I'm thinking the S3 Mini for £239 might be the best bang for buck at the moment for a 4" phone.

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