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Which applications do you run on your G3?

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Right guys, I know this is a very broad question but generally which applications are you all using on a regular basis on your G3's and how are they performing? I thought it may be a good idea if we could get a list together of apps that run well on the phone and are of use to us all.

I installed Avast on my phone last night and I'm quite surprised by it! I've set it up and have got anti theft running as well along with the root access for settings so even with a hard reset apparently the phone can be secured. Other than that I'm using the below apps on a regular basis although I do have a host of other apps installed as well.

Facebook - runs well with no issues or lag

Kik messenger - same

Tapatalk - same

CoPilot Live EU - only used it a couple of times but runs well.

Accuweather widgets - run well with no issues or lag.

The other apps which I have on my phone include things such as the utorrent app and the tripadvisor app but I dont use these much and I've got a bunch of games installed as well such as GTA, Dead Trigger, and NFS of which all of these run rather well I would say.

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Fancy Widgets (paid version)


Ebay app

Camera Zoom FX (Paid version)

IP Cam Viewer (Paid version)

Audio Manager Pro (Paid version)

Copilot Live




My Data Manager

Touchpal Keyboard V5

All are running extremely well with no issues or lag. I also have quite a few widgets running on my home screens and everything is running very smoothly.

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are your firefox runs smoothly? mine lags like hell, but then again, i sync my bookmarks manually with a pc, because i can't seem to manage them on the phone, yet.

to answer the op's question, i use these, without any lag or hiccup:



tinytinyrss reader


mx player



inkpad notepad

anysoft keyboard with hungarian layout

apex launcher (paid)


titanium backup

android firewall



font installer with bender.ttf


ted official app

modaco app ;)

stock calendar with widget

stock clock widget

and just downloaded usb host diagnostics, to check if my g3 will see my pendrive via otg cable. :)

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Great idea there, buddy!

I really do wish I could help you, but my phone hasn't arrived yet.

How's multitasking, by the way? Ever tried to max out the RAM and see how fast the memory management clears them?

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Multitasking is really good on the phone. Not managed to max out the memory yet but overall I'm very happy with the phone. Noticed an issue yesterday though with the accuweather app in which I tried to update it but it wouldn't let me saying I didn't have enough memory when I got 2gb free on the phone and 15gb free on the memory card. Tried clearing cache and removing some apps but didn't help. Seems like the update is broken as its actually removed the app from my phone itself. Tried other apps and no issues installing there.

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