Building CM7 for the ZTE Tureis

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schmatzler    1

is usb tethering working?

As far as I know, hostapd is required for this and it is not yet included in my build.

But: I managed to solve the microphone issue now. Finally. Took me ages to do that. I am able to take a phone call now. Wohoo :)

I just have to solve the white screen on videos...and to investigate why the SYM-Key isn't working. They defined it as SYM1 in the .kl file, I renamed it to SYM to comply with Androids standards but still no reaction. Maybe it's something in the .kcm.bin.

When I found out these two errors I will release the first build. Just give me a little more time :) By the way: I got 130 Megs of free internal storage now with this build. Totally rocks.

Edit: This one should fix the SYM key problem. Yes I'm near the end.

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schmatzler    1

I'm back!


Still can't afford a new phone so I tried to port CM 10.1 to this device.


The biggest problem is the fact, that /system and /data need to be formatted for ext4 and the original kernel has no ext4 support.


At the moment I was able to build a custom kernel with ext4 support that can fire up CWM6 - and it does!


But even CWM6 is not formatting these partitions for ext4, I will have to examine that.


When I fixed this, I need to see how I can load up an ext4 module at boot time with the original kernel. It is a hell of a mess, but without the original kernel we would have no camera.


I hope I can get it to the end this time. See the promising attached image :)



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