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How to fix Google Now problems

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We all know about this issue with Google Now which works only in English (though I haven't tried all other :P ).

By not working I mean you can get it to partiality work by changing system language to English, set it up and revert to other language. But even then it wouldn't show cards except if you change it back to English.

This happens in all ROMs that are intended to support Google Now (JB).

During my testing of different ROMs I found something interesting. On any ICS ROM I tried I also added Tillaz's addon for Google Now which he offered with Infusion ROM. And wadda you know: Google Now works out of the box on any language! The only problem is that you can't update it because Google play recognizes that your phone runs incompatible system.

So, it works as it should on incompatible ROMs but not on those that it was intended!?!!

Is there a way that you guys tackle with this and find some kind of workaround to make it work as it should on JB?

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