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B944 regular restarts

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cohenra    0


Can someone help me please

Ever since I rooted this phone it reboots itself at least 4 times a day.

I have flashed a few ICS's and am currently on teh B944. I do it using the guide on this site. Every time I have the same problem - regular reboots.

Please can someone advise me what to do?



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If you are having data enabled all the time then you are experiencing problem described here:

As far as I know, the only real solution is to install some stock ICS (via and never to unlock bootloader (you can root it though).

Other "kind of" solutions are to keep data connection turned off or check "use only 2G networks" :(

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dalyer    254

If it's the old "3g reboot" problem then toggling to 2G on sleep/screen off (and back to 3G on waking/screen on) using something like Llama is another option.

Edit: automatic 2G/3G toggle on screen off/on usng Llama or something similar only works on CyanogenMod ROMS as far as I know...

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