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r1: Play Store 720 (forced resolution / DPI)

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If you have a 1080 screened device (e.g. a HTC Butterfly, Xperia Z, Oppo Find 5 or HTC One etc.) you will have noticed that a number of apps that you'd usually install (e.g. BBC News, MySMS, Candy Crush Saga and many more) show as not being compatible due to the higher resolution of the device. This is very annoying. So i've made a fix.

I have created a patched version of the Play Store which is completely stock with the exception of the fact that it thinks your device has a 1280x720 screen at 320dpi - the Nexus 4 settings - hence the 'missing' applications show up.

The initial release is based on the 3.10.14 Play Store version, the mod will probably get overwritten as Play Store updates itself, so if you find that you can no longer see apps again, check back here where I will hopefully have noticed the same and posted an updated APK.

The APK can be downloaded below - you'll need to be rooted as you need to push it to /system/app/Phonesky.apk and chmod it to 644. You also need to remove Phonesky.odex and then reboot. This is very much in testing - please let me know how you get on. [NOTE: INSTALLING THIS LIKE A REGULAR APK WILL NOT WORK!]

  • r1 - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: f7bb593c8bcd016b57df6e6fa0b21c6e
    One last thing, PLEASE don't repost the file elsewhere, link back to this topic so the version in circulation is always the latest!

    Enjoy! :)



    • Initial Release (3.10.14)

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Props to you Paul.

You know (by any chance) if this will work as well on a Tf700?

Thank you...

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How does the Butterfly J & Xperia Z identify itself with regards to pixel density buckets? XXHDPI?

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Are there any long-term effects, so once the issue is eventually solved re: 1080 devices, will the phone be recognised as a 1080 device once again?

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