INT2EXTV2+ for our device

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Suxsem    45

Hi all. I was tired of Link2SD app... so i ported (too big word) Cronmod INT2EXTV2+ script to our device.

All credits: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1716124


-Mounts /sd-ext to /data

-Leaves /data/data on internal for speed

-Works with EXT 2/3/4 filesystems

-ZipAligns /data/app on every boot

-No symlinks

-Supports SWAP2INT

-Completely universal (Testing is needed)

I actually:

1) disabled swap2int

2) edited update-script to properly mount system partition

3) edited main script to support sd-ext in our device (sd-ext device block is a little different than other phones)


1) remove other link2sd apps or app2sd scripts

2) flash on top of CM9

3) reboot and wait a couple of minutes (the phone will hangs on LG logo for a while, don't worry)





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xeros2    26

Idea is nice but doesn't it make any problems with apps started at boot?

I remember such problems on some tablets when trying similar things as /system/etc/init.d/* scripts were running when dalvik was already started and it made problems with running or even visibility (in Settings -> Applications and shortcuts/widgets) of such apps.

So I would think about lower level change for mount points.

But... maybe there's no such problem here, is it?

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