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Problem with L3 E400...

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Hello all,

Maybe somebody can help me out with this.

Me and my wife both got the L3 Optimus E400.

I rooted both phones put CWM on both and then put CM9 on them.

( version: cm-9-20130224-NIGHTLY-e400 ).

Everything run's fine and smooth.

But the ONLY problem we have now, is that both phone's got the same MAC Address, so therefore also the same IP.

Did I do something wrong, or how is this possible, and can this be changed in some kind of way.

Since we can't be both on internet at home.


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flashed my phone to an earlier version,..but still keeps the same problem.

(I cant understand how this happend, since before I started with the rooting en such, the both phones got different mac addresses)

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