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e400 ROMs will not be continued be me anymore..

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It took me some time to make this decision, but I’m afraid that I have no choice. I have some bad news to tell you guys: I will stop working on my blog, my new site and my app. Before you are going to judge me, let me please explain why I made this decision. Currently, my grades at school are very low and I won’t make it this year unless I work very hard to fix this. I have been working on this e400 ROMs stuff a lot lately and this affected my grades in a negative way. So I have decided to stop with all projects and games I have been spending my time on (so not only this, because that wouldn’t be enough) and focus on homework and tests for school. I know that this is very disappointing and that you guys will probably not be happy with this news, but I didn’t write this message to tell you it’s all over! I have made a backup of my blog and my app (not the project files because they were accidentally destroyed) so if you know something about blogger/wordpress, ftp, webhosting and a little html then please contact me at deleted, please use direct messaging and I will hand over my work so you can keep this blog alive! I also didn’t write this message to tell you that I will be gone forever, because I will be back as soon as my grades are high again! This may take a while, but I will be back..

Again: if you know something about blogger/wordpress, ftp, webhosting and html then please email me!

I’m very sorry. Please forgive me.


(PS. Keep up the good work guys, I believe in all of you!)

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