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BBC iPlayer Workarounds

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Not sure if everyone is getting this, but it seems like BBC iPlayer android app has stopped working for most people on its most recent release...

It would appear that the BBC Media Player istelf still works, but the link from the iplayer app to the media player app is broken.

Anyhow, a few tips and tricks for workarounds here...

For BBC Iplayer catchup:

1. Make sure you have BBC Media Player installed

2. In the stock browser, go to http://bbc.co.uk/mobile/iplayer

The iPlayer mobile site does not allow live streaming, and if you try "request desktop site" it says your device is not supported.

For live TV

1. Install VLC Player

2. In the stock browser, go to m.tvcatchup.com (you'll need to create an account). Set VLC as your default media player when prompted.

You can also set your browser to "request desktop site" and go to http://bbc.co.uk/bbcone/watchlive, but it's an embedded stream and more fiddly.

For BBC Radio

1. Make sure you have BBC Media Player installed

2. In the stock browser, go to http://bbc.co.uk/mobile/radio

If you're using a non-stock browser, eg Opera, you may need to install Flash Player (no longer on Play) - although I'd recommend sticking with the stock browser for this stuff.

Hope this is useful.

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Tangerine Tractor,

Thanks for the workaround. I can now see live TV - if a little stutteringly - through VLC/TVcatchup. But no luck with your tweak for Iplayer catchup. Still getting "programme unobtainable" or some such. Any other ideas? - and thanks anyway!

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Just a reminder that VLC is beta and is described as:

"This is a BETA version of the port of VLC media player to the Androidâ„¢ platform. It is intended for power users and hackers. This version is not perfectly stable and is slower than the final version.

It might kill your kitten, destroy your house and start the Mayan apocalypse."

I have VLC beta installed but MX player is much better at playing video streams in general for me. I am a fan of VLC on Windows and Linux but it is not quite prime-time ready on Android.

All that said, BBC iplayer app still works fine for me (and never stopped with any previous update as far as I am aware).

Also Android firefox works with flashplayer on desktop site for me. As an aside iplayer app doesn't work on a Jelly Bean tablet for me and firefox/flash was the only combo I got to work there).

Btw, 'm still happy on GB Modaco Gr2 but I do have a couple of relatives with G300s on UK Vodafone stock ICS (they are not interested in rooting and seem perfectly happy with stock). Haven't heard of any problems with iplayer from them (and they are not slow to get in touch when they have a problem but I will check with them).

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