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Please help! Stuck on loading...

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Hy, I had my Huawei Ascend G300 phone network unlocked (I was using it on Orange) and rooted. I also removed a lot of Vodafone bloatware from it, since

Since a while it made me some problems with phone process (not responding, going in aeroplane mode for no reason and stuck there... etc).

After some googling, all I got was "try doing a factory reset". And I did... I backed up my apps, my contacts, then I fired a factory reset.

Now it just stays on HUAWEI Ascend logo... curious thing is that I've been called and I was able to answer the call... then, after I ended it, I had a black screen with battery and network indicator on top in the bar, nothing else.

Please help me to restore the phone.

Thank you very much.

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