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New ROM flashing for Link2SD user

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I am on the stock ROM, but have unlocked it, rooted it, removed all the Orange bloatware, linked loads of apps using Link2SD, and use Titanium Backup to backup all apps and user data.

I have basically spent a lot of time getting things how I want them.

Now I am thinking about moving on from the Stock ROM and trying one of the 4.x variants.

I am unsure how I go about re-installing my linked apps?

When I wipe my system and flash a new ROM, do I just do a Titanium backup recovery with my SD card in place and my phone will be like it was before?

Or is it a lot more complicated, so I need to reformat my SD card and relink everything one by one?

I don't think I have seen a guide for upgrading to a ICS/JB ROM for Link2SD Gingerbread users.

What is the general consensus for the most mature Skate 4.x ROM for everyday use?

Are the 4.x ROMS well matched to our Skates, or is the hardware too underpowered?


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