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Orange San Diego Ring Tones Disappeared!

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Model: AZ210A

Android Version 4.0.4

I have had phone 8 months. Iam a new user., I didn't play around with the phone etc, but have a problem! I am not aware of deleting anything. Maybe someone can advise on what I can do?

1. I have lost all the inbuilt ring tones. I don't know how! I am left leaving me with a pathetic sounding clinking tone. I have never downloaded a paid for ringtone.

I thought I might reset the phone to sort it out, even if it goes back to original version. Trouble is when I connect phone to PC, I can't find anythng there whereby I could save settings to. Do I need to download a driver or something to access PC?

2. Recently been abroad, noticed the clock doesn't change to local time, even if I tick the boxes.

I'd appreciate any tips on how to sort this phone out!


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