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Blade 3 Brick

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hello guys , my blade only have red light when i turn it on , i cant go in recovery or something , and when i connect it to pc it says zte dfu device on com3 port . can you help me how i can save my device ? tnx in advance

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I have been awey for a while and im surprised that this has no reply for 6 days.

Download and instal all drivers if you havent done that already.

Download cwr from here http://www.mediafire...plggm7zhghx9l9r.

In cmd (make sure you run it as administrator)locate cwr (forgot to say that you have to the adb and fastboot drivers there) and write this

fastboot boot recovery-cwm6027-atlas40.img

next navigate to mount and storage menu (volume buttons for up and down and power button to select) and select mount usb storage

download any rom that works on blade and put it in your phone

do a factory reset on your phone and format system

select instal zip from sdcard and instal the rom and gaps if neded

and finaly reboot your phone.

If you need any help go to or ask me :)

I hope this helps.

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