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ZTE Blade Weird Boot - Camera Flashes then fails HELP Needed Pls!

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Hiya all, i've been an avid fan of this site since getting into Android and have found just about everything I need to know but this time i'm really stumped.

I originally rooted and installed 'Fish & Chips' ROM which worked great for my daughter but when I got phone back I wanted to try JB so went about flashing ROM with CWM.

This managed to Soft Brick the handset and I lost Recovery Boot and CWM Boot so was stuck. Having tried all methods I settled for Number 5 and got CWM back. I think i reinstated my IMIE correctly and the booted into TFT and flashed.

Now when I boot the Green Man comes up and the Camera Flash just flashes and eventually I end up at a screen asking for network code and the option of emergency calls. Selecting anything via the screen does nothing so somewhere I;ve done something wrong I've retried different ROMS via CWM but still the same issue. Have I messed up my IMIE?

If I have can someone PM me and I will send you my IMIE and hope you can make me a re hexed file to flasha and save my phone from the bin.

or have I just made a silly error and is there any way to fix my problem. I was happy to get the android man back and CWM access but now i'm stuck. Can still enter DFU mode if needed.Many help in advance. I will try to contribute in future as been round most HTC phones and Tablets for a few years.

Regards in advance Jay

Email direct: jayknight71 (at) gmail.com

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