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[ROM][DEV] Dario93's CM9 test builds! [21/03/2013]

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Hey guys! :) Yes, as many of you many know I've abandoned Liquid development many time ago as I don't have this device anymore; However melancholy took over me and while visiting Liquid's forums once again I got an help request :)

So,tooking thepasto's CM9,kernel and sources I'm trying to build a lag-free CM9 build! At the moment as I'm already mantaining another ROM for my actual device and I'm attending university I'll not have so much time to fix bugs, so ATM don't expect major fixes, but only performance/RAM management improvements :)

I'm already working on a test build that will be ready soon!

So stay tuned! ^_^


coming soon ---


- RAM management improvements (hopefully)

- Performance increased

- Improved governors

- sqlite database optimization

- Touchscreen improvements

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