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HTC Evo Sense 3.6 Android 4.0.3 2 minute delay after camera/phone hard/softkey press.

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Posting this here as there are about 4 posts a year in the HTC Evo 3D specific forum!

When I press the camera button on the side, it takes exactly 2 minutes to start the camera, but then everything in the camera is instant.

When I go to make a phone call, it takes 2 minutes before it starts the phone dialling. if I try again and again, each phone call starts 2 minutes after I first tried it, but I can hang up instantly.

If I press the brightness button, it responds after 2 minutes. If I go into settings, then brightness, it responds immediately.

Every keypress has instant haptic feedback.

The battery is now running out within 3 hours but the phone is not getting hot.

I've cleared all the caches.

The only odd thing is that the "news and weather" service seems to be using 3gb data/month, which is ridiculous for something that updates 3 sections every hour.

When I look at battery usage, by far the highest is "display", but I don't have any live wallpaper active.

When I look at task manager, only a few things are running, but every 10 seconds or so, something random will start, appear at the top of the list, then stop again.

I've got 280Mb RAM free and 15Gb uSD card free. I haven't installed anything dodgy lately. I've run a virus scan.

I haven't installed any new apps lately.

Time for a hard reset maybe? Just wondering if Carbon backs up save game data (like Ski Safari :)

Or is there any other app that will give me a better idea of why there's a delay?

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Mick 'Chuffed' means 'pleased' unless you are in the north of England, in which case it means the same thing as 'guffed'. The bottom line? Try out all the boats you like the look of. You can't even start to tell until you've paddled a boat for a couple of hours.

Cheers losi1945 sean Nealy says that he's got anchor points on his boat which he automatically goes to when he's upside-down so he doesnt get disorrientated...seems a good idea - he recomends finding one for each thumb and to kiss the rim of the cockpit...

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