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Newbie question about official ROMs

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I have read the stickies, but I'm still a bit confused!

Recently purchased a used G300 off ebay, which appears to have the stock 4.0.3 Vodafone s/w on it.

Followed a guide off YouTube to root & install bootloader, seems to have worked.

What I want to do is to install the official Huawei 4.0.3 (or whatever the latest is), so I don't have all the Vodafone stuff on it. I cannot seem to see a link to this ROM though, only custom ones (I was contemplating stock+)

So question is, does anyone know where I can get official Huawei 4.0.3 unbranded from?


(I think I'm 2030, EN GB version)

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I think it will, as it is a 'general' ROM with a whole s*** load of different languages (ie ENG-US, ENG-GB, ENG-AUS etc)

Think you might need baseband 2030 though.

Had PDF in zip explaining how to do it.

Worked a treat for me, now minus all the vodafone shite, and rooted alright too!

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