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Has anyone had their handset courier replaced, since EE took over?

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Hi there.

I want to clear something up, since the EE Store seem to say one thing, and the EE website seems to be confusing and non-descript, so here is my question:

QUESTION: Has anyone here had a faulty San Diego replaced by 24 hour courier since EE took over, in the last 4 months?

The reason I ask, is that I had a Monte Carlo replaced 3 times, and a San Francisco 2 replaced once, but the EE store manager told me that they no longer send out 24 hour couriered replacements (totally contrary to what vague info their website has, says!) and I want to be **absolutely** certain that, if anything happens to this phone hardware-wise (not caused by flashing ROMs etc or removing the back cover - I *will not* be doing that!) they will honour their warranty and replace the handset, as before, as I expect, at no charge.

### PLEASE: Do not speculate on this, and only answer if you have firm, first-hand experience of a courier swap-out since EE took over ###

Thank you :)

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